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Franchise Criteria

We are currently seeking both single unit operators (Mauritius), and Master Franchise Holders internationally. Potential franchisees need to have good operational experience, proven executive leadership skills, sufficient net worth and a passion for the SiMiS brand.

Selection criteria includes:

1. Financial Capability

Minimum Liquidity: $125,000

Net Worth: $300,000

Ability to obtain credit

2. Operational Requirements

Each franchise candidate must have a person on their team with operational management experience or proven executive leadership skills.

Your Operations Director must have extensive experience in operations with a history of superior customer service and quality store management, or proven executive and leadership skills, and must also reside within the desired area / market.

3. Passion for SiMiS!

At SiMiS we are passionate about delivering a unique experience by serving our delicious frozen yogurt and related products in a trendy yet comfortable environment, with best in class customer service.

All at great value.

Cash required can be broken up as follows (excl. VAT):


  • Rs 2,000,000  : Cost of Average Store
  • Rs    250,000  : Franchise Fee
  • Rs     20,000 : Design Fee 
  • Rs   180,000 :  Smalls, parephenalia, printed materials, uniforms
  • Rs   300,000  : Initial stock
  • Rs   250,000  : Operating cashflow

TOTAL : Rs3,000,000

These funds must be unencumbered, liquid assets.


Franchise and royalty fees:

Master license (for a particular area or country):

  • $30,000 (small territory – potential 3-5 stores)
  • $50,000 (large territory – potential 6+ stores)
  • Royalty 3% on sales
  • Marketing fee 2% of sales

Single Unit License (Mauritius)

  • Franchise fee  : Rs250,000 
  • Royalty 6% of sales 
  • Marketing  : Rs20,000 monthly

Site Criteria

Choosing the correct site is crucial, and should have the following criteria checked:

  • High traffic / footfall areas with good store visibility
  • Roughly 70sq/m inside, 20sq/m terrace
  • family destinations 
  • shopping malls: close to cinema, food court or entertainment area
  • close to schools / universities
  • good parking
  • secure

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